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Reusable Cotton Pads [Machine Washable] Gentle on Skin, Kind on the Planet, Replace your Disposable Cotton Pads, Cotton Balls, Face Wipes, Washcloths with Super Soft Bamboo Rounds for Sensitive Skin


SAVE MONEY AND REDUCE WASTE – Choose the environmentally friendly alternative to single use makeup cleansing face wipes. These reusable makeup remover pads, can be machine washed and reused, time and time again! So stop wasting money on disposable wipes, and start using bamboo reusable cotton rounds for face cleansing every day!
GUARANTEED FOR 1000 WASHES – Don’t waste money on low-quality nearly reusable makeup remover pads. Our Chicago based team tested countless competitors reusable cotton rounds for face cleaning, and found that many would break down after just the first wash! We use only the finest bamboo cotton in our organic cotton pads for face cleaning, and guarantee them for over 1000 washes!
EXPERIENCE CLEANSING LUXURY – Making the change from disposable wipes to reusable cotton rounds for face, is a luxury to be experienced! Not only are these reusable makeup remover pads better for the environment, and your purse, they also feel amazing! Soft, strong, and gentle against your skin, they clean makeup away quickly leaving you feeling refreshed!