Relassy Aquarium Light, 300W Full Spectrum Led Coral Reef Light for Saltwater Freshwater Fish Tank with 2 Dimmables White & Blue Light


?【Full Spectrum Aquarium Light】: Constructred with 338 high-quality LEDs for this reef light. Perfect blue light & white light produce Vitamins D3 which helps coral absorb Calcium so as to display brighter color and promote the flourish of SPS and LPS, benefiting plant & algae growth much more than other standard aquarium lights.
?【Larger Illumination】: The size of the led reef light is 22 x 12”. Ideal for 32×18”coverage. Ultra thin with only 0.7inch width. Light is more focused and uniform,reducing light loss, improving high PAR/Lumen output.Under such light, the charming beauty of the water is at a glance. It reduces ecological essence and creates a fancy underwater world.
?【2 Dimmable Models with Blue& White Light】: Both blue and white channel can be adjusted uniformly from 0%-100% to meet different needs of your corals, reef and fish (freshwater & saltwater), which promotes the growth of alga, coral, and fish. You can turn on the blue and white light at the same time, or turn them on separately, these two channels are controlled independently. (Please note It won’t be able to keep programming in case of power outage.)